Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Spring Hike (Yes, It's a New Post ... Finally)

The Dawson household is finally back to its usual chaotic, busy state. That is, we're past the spring break chaotic busy state of last week as the kids grumbled their way out of bed, barely eating their Eggo waffles and getting dressed with enough time to make it to school before the final morning bell the past two days upon their return to school.

Zach captures some rocks.

During the kids' spring break we hung out close to home. Blake still had soccer practice and both boys did an additional soccer camp for a couple hours each morning. Nick, Zach and Allie and I played at the park and spent a lot of time outside as the signature Phoenix March weather (upper 70s slipping into the 80s) finally swept into the Valley just in time for spring break after a cooler-and-wetter-than-normal February and early March.

Nick ponders nature.
We managed to get all the kids together for a family hike. With some initial complaining from Blake, they all ended up having fun. Zach and Allie had their little net and critter catchers, which they used to collect cool rocks. Blake used the opportunity to work out by running up the hill with Nick following suit.

Allie finds a flower.

Blake at the top of the climb.

Blake "speed" hiking.

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