Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Dance: Year Two

If it's February, then it's time for the school's annual Daddy/Daughter dance. Allie looked adorable and her daddy dashing all dolled up for the occasion.

I had eyed that darling black and white dress at Costco and made the risky move of buying it sight unseen by Allie. When she got home and I held it up for her, she put her hands on her hips and uttered, "Sorry, Mom. It's not gonna happen."

But then a few days passed and more than once I caught her casting her gaze toward the dress hanging from my bedroom doorknob. Finally she announced, "OK, I'll at least try it on." And once it was on, she was hooked.

Allie had a great time with Brett and with R, her BFF from across the street.

Brett said he got in three dances with her before the craziness between the girls began ... that and the cookie-eating.

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