Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello, Spring!

After our rainy, cool February and March, the warmer weather finally arrived a couple weeks ago ... and the kids were ready.

When the mercury flirted with 80 degrees, the kids headed for the water hose and created their own makeshift waterslide (all Nick's idea, of course).

And Allie tries it out, slipping and sliding and landing on her bottom.

And even our neighbor's dog, Toby, got in on the action. Allie and Zach (and Nick) loved playing with him as we pet-sat a couple weeks ago.

Next up: Pool fun on Easter! Gotta love living in Arizona ... at least in the spring :)


Monica said...

Is that a dog or a horse?

Lesa Antone said...

Hi there! Ran across your blog and just wanted to stop in and say hello!

I also am an AZ mom, although my kids are a little older (17 and 16) but they still insist on calling me "mom" no matter how hard I try convincing them that "Aunt Lesa" sounds good to me! (There are times when you really don't want to announce that you raised these kids!) haha

Nice to meet ya!