Monday, March 19, 2012

I Hope You Dance ...

Allie before the Daddy/Daughter dance.

Allie strikes a pose.
It's an evening that precipitates weeks of planning, coordinating, and general giddiness: the school's annual Daddy/Daughter dance. And now that Allie's in second grade, this will be her third go at it. 

Unlike years past, Allie spent many days agonizing over her wardrobe choice. When I brought home an adorable frock from Costco, she wrinkled her nose and quickly dismissed it. "I don't think so, Mom ... you should take that one back." Sigh.

So she carefully inspected her closet and kept coming back to a favorite fuchsia dress. Then she insisted on straight hair with a headband ... oh, and "diamond earrings that dangle."

Then there's the exchanging trade secrets with BFF Riley -- the shoes, sweater or no sweater, the plan of attack for the refreshments, the rehearsed dance moves.

And this year Allie even helped Brett pick out his shirt. Actually, she knew before even looking at her choices. "Dad, you should wear that pink shirt you have because I'll be wearing a pink dress," she announced.
Brett and Allie getting ready for the big dance.

Then on the big night it's me taking lots of pictures and Allie getting crazier by the minute and striking all kinds of big-girl poses and flashing her second-grade smile. She rides with her BFF and her dad (who happen to live across the street).

Much like last year, the dads manage to sneak in a dance or two with the girls, but the bulk of the night for Allie is gathering with a handful of friends, whirling and twirling, giggling and singing ... the stuff memories are made of.

BFFs Riley and Allie


Veronica said...

Hi, it's nice to meet you! I saw your link on themomblogs and thought I'd pop in and say hello. I also live in the Phoenix area (west valley) and it's nice to meet someone else who write and who lives in the area. Feel free to stop by and say hi.

Kids clothing said...

I want to see you moving on the dance floor..Lovely :)