Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blake and Nick Return

Their 2.5-week visit with their grandparents in California seemed to speed by, but by the end I think everyone was ready for them to be home -- the two sets of grandmas and grandpas entertaining them, their little brother and sister who kept asking how many more days until their brothers are home, and Brett and I, who took advantage of a bit less responsibility, but at the same time couldn't fight the "it feels weird without them here" feeling.

As I sat outside the gate watching their plane arrive, Blake sent me a text, "We've landed."

"Yep, I c ur plane," I replied.

After about a dozen people walked off the plane, there they came. And they both had the same look. A big smile, but then quickly trying to look like they don't have said smiles. You know, trying to be cool and act like seeing your mom is no big deal.

I was happy to see them and as we saw our bags ride around to us on the luggage carousel, Nick confidently grabbed one and started rolling it toward the elevator. The best part is that they both started telling me in-depth stories of their trip. None of their usual one-word answers.

They told me how after three camping trips they've had their fill for quite a while. They told me about the bear in Yosemite, the rain in Tahoe, the how-to-put-down-bad-guys by Grandpa's sheriff's officer friend. They told me about the yummy brownies Aunt Terri made, all the questionable movies Grandma and Grandpa let them watch, how Nick paid Blake $10 to let him "rent" his Ipod for three days (Blake is always looking for a way to make a buck these days).

And then as we got on the highway, Blake began texting away. "Can I go to A's house?" he asks.

"When?" I say.

"When we get home ... he can pick me up to take me to the fields at 4:30," he says.
I look at the clock and it's 3:30.

"Come on, Mom ... why are you going so slow ... go faster," he said.

And then, not once, but twice, he calls me "Grandma." He catches himself and is bowled over with laughter. I let him get away with it since he just spent two weeks with two different grandmothers. So Blake is home for about 15 minutes and then is off with his friend. Geesh ...

Then Nick is eager to pick up the twins. When we get to their classroom, he runs in and he and Zach run toward each other with a huge embrace, reminiscent of some cheesy romantic made-for-TV movie.

They are all so happy to be together again. Nick is a rock star the rest of the night. Zach and Allie fight over who gets to sit by him at dinner, they want to sit by him as they watch TV and they are just so ... so ... agreeable. So not used to that.

And I know it's only a matter of minutes until the sibling love goes on the back burner, as fighting over a toy or who gets the last waffle will be reality once again.
Until then, I'll continue enjoying their little lovefest.

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