Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Weeks Down, 8 to Go (not that I'm counting)

Zach and Allie, so proud of themselves on the high bar.

Not that I'm counting, but today I noticed that it's been exactly four weeks since the boys' last day of school.

They returned from their annual California trip just over a week ago. The first couple days back they were still in their honeymoon phase of being back home with Zach and Allie and among friends again.

But, alas, reality soon set in. The bickering, the boredom.

It feels like I have two separate jobs when it comes to keeping the kids entertained and busy: the twins and then the older boys.

For Zach and Allie we've been going to a summer gymnastics class once a week. The thing is, though, is that they're the only ones in it. No socializing for them ... or me. They love it and I just bring a magazine or stay occupied with Facebook on my Iphone. But it's so quiet ... not sure if it's a sign of the economy or just locals who have the good sense to get out of Phoenix in the throes of summer.

And we've also been going to the weekly summer kids movie. Once a week we go see a kids/family movie -- about half of which we already have on DVD. It's like seven bucks for 10 weeks. We're about to go to our fourth movie tomorrow. So far, OK. They still get a little antsy about an hour into the movie. The good thing is that we're going with two other kids, friends made in gymnastics (not in the deserted summer session, but before). But the first time I think I escorted Zach and/or Allie to the restroom four times. I think we got it down to two times this last week.

Then we have swim lessons. Zach and Allie are like little fish now and able to maneuver their way around our pool without life jackets anymore. They sputter down the slide and glide on over to the wall.

What's funny is how totally different their swimming styles are. Zach is very powerful with his legs. When he jumps in or enters the water when coming down the slide, he'll really kick his legs with all his might, his arms usually stationery at his side or out in front of him. He looks like a little otter.

Allie, however, will jump in, bob around, start laughing and smiling and looking around, catch her breath, and attempt her arm movements to get her where she needs to go. Not much kicking but lots of arm-flapping. More like a flying fish.

The great news is that June has been really, really mild. 80s and low 90s, breezes. Totally gorgeous. Great evenings. Great for hanging out outside.

And what have Blake and Nick been doing to fill their days? I'll save that for another post.

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