Friday, April 4, 2008

A few tidbits

So I was wrong about Sayesha going home and only got Kristy Lee Cook right in the bottom three. BUT I have to admit I’m glad that Ramiele got the boot this week. She has been consistently bad or boring for weeks now. And I never realized how absoultely tiny she is until last night when I saw her bottom-three castmates Brooke and Kristy towering over her.

I have to give credit to my 7-year-old, Nick. At the beginning of the show he guessed the bottom three and was right. And then he got Ramiele right. He was so proud of himself and said I owe him $5, even though a bet was never made. He thinks just because I’m getting old he can say something like that, hoping that I think I said it but forgot. Sometimes it works.

Anyway, I think one thing is clear -- the Idol boys are dominating. I think of the girls, Carly will go the farthest.

And I’m still rooting madly for Michael Johns.

We’re enjoying the sunshine and 80s temps here in Arizona. The kids had a half-day at school Wednesday and a friend of mine had a pool party. So fun. Of course, this time of year also brings out the critters. My friend’s friend saw a rattlesnake at her mailbox yesterday. Ugh!
I’m still running, but not as much as I was when I was in training mode for the half marathon. I did a few 4-mile runs last week and on Sunday did 6. I’m working on getting a little faster now. I’ll be running in a local race, Emma’s Run, here in town on April 12th. This is the second year of this run, which is in honor of Emma, a young girl who died tragically in her driveway two years ago.

A friend talked me into trying a "Boot Camp" class at the gym. I don’t know whether to thank her or never speak to her again. It’s amazing how I can run miles and miles but if I do something different I feel like I’m going to pass out. Anyway, it did ultimately feel good to wake up some of those muscles that have been dormant for too long. So, yea, I’ll thank her ... even though I can barely walk today. :)


The boys are still playing indoor soccer. Nicky is playing goalie a lot, which is so nerve-wracking to watch. Blake is always behind the goal, giving him tips. His team is about 50-50. Last week they lost by a point.

Blake's team has only lost one and is doing very well. As they get older they start playing A LOT rougher. And Blake is generally one of the smaller guys out there. But his speed and aggressiveness make up for it.

Zachy is obsessed with basketball. He plays on the small hoop in Blake and Nick's room, the small hoop outside, and he spent most of his time at the pool party shooting baskets.

Allie is definitely a girlie-girl. We painted her fingernails and toenails for the first time a couple weeks ago. She did so well sitting still while I did it. And over the next week, anytime a nail got chipped, she insisted I redo it.

"Mommy, look," she'd say with a puckered lip as she would hold a finger up for me to see the bare nail.

And the two neighbor girls, who are about 8, come over and do Allie's hair all the time. And that's fine with me ... it's so fine and wispy, that even though she's 3, I still have a hard time doing anything with it. I'm hoping that in another year it will finally be nice and long.

She also has started a new look in fashion around here -- summer dresses with tights. She's not happy until she has her tights on. So today it's a cute pink rosebud print sundress with tights adorned with silver, pink and blue snowflakes.

"Look, Mom. Pink matches," my little shabby chic daughter says.

"Yes, it does, my dear."

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