Friday, March 21, 2008

The Pope, another missing tooth, and the Easter Bunny

It's been a busy week here, which isn't unusual. But a different busy as I had to serve on a jury for three days. Brett rearranged his schedule a bit and spent a few extra hours at home, but it all worked out.

Last Sunday we joined the two other Arizona Dawson families (Cory and Amy and their girls, and Rich, Linda and Sara) at Buca Di Beppo. Brett's Grandma Dawson and Eva drove from Illinois to spend some time in Arizona before the heat comes (I think they made it by about a week -- it's supposed to be 90 on Monday :). We had our own room, which apparently was the Pope's shrine. The whole room was covered with photos and Pope memorabilia (if there is such a thing). And in the middle of the large round table on top of the Lazy Susan was the Pope's head in a plastic box. It was kinda creepy. The kids kept wanting to spin the Lazy Susan and see who the Pope would end up staring at.
Aside from the Pope staring at us as we ate, it was a fun time.
On Monday Nicky lost his other front tooth. So cute and lispy now.

And Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday I had jury duty. It was a road rage case. Basically a young man who made a bad decision in pulling out a gun and shooting at a truck that cut him off. It was quick and I'm glad it's over.
Zach and Allie paid a quick visit to the Easter Bunny. Allie wasn't so sure about hopping up on his lap, but after Zach did it, she followed him right up there.
On the running front, I've put in about 15 miles since the half marathon -- not very much, but I plan on amping that up this week. I plan on doing a 10K (6.2 miles) run on April 12th.

Other than that, we're just enjoying the warm weather. We'll have a quiet Easter this year -- our first big holiday on our own. Still getting used to that ...

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