Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter and American Idol

Not too much going on this week, just getting back into the swing of things with the boys back to school after spring break -- and Brett in San Antonio this week. We had a really nice Easter. It was just the six of us (I know -- "just" and "six" don't really seem to mesh; after 3 years, I'm still not used to calling us a family of six.). Anyway, just us six for our first Easter in Phoenix.

It was a gorgeous day, in the 80s. The kids woke up, hunted for Easter eggs and ripped into their Easter baskets. Allie has a habit of taking anything that is part of a collection, whether it's all of her hair barettes, ribbons and ponytail holders, or plastic coins from a toy cash register, or play food from her toy kitchen, and moving some into her purse, into buckets, into her doll stroller ... and now into her Easter basket. It drives me crazy trying to clean up after her.

Anyway, Blake wanted omelettes and scones. The scones turned out great -- thanks to Fry's grocery store. But I attempted omelettes in a bad pan and the eggs were sticking terribly, so we had scrambled eggs with ham and cheese blended in instead. Back home we were always spoiled with brunch at Brett's parents and then Easter dinner at my parent's house.

We then went to church, opting for a contemporary service. Zach was mesmerized by the guitar playing. I know he's going to be our musician. He's always strumming Blake's guitar, playing it more than Blake does, and he loves to tinker around with the piano. He also has a very sweet singing voice and will sing while he's "playing" the guitar.

We spent the rest of our Easter day outside and then out to dinner. We're coming up on a year since we moved here and I have to say when it comes to weather, we saved the best for last. I love this time of year here.

I still need to download the Easter photos ... will post soon.

American Idol

Just a few thoughts about tonight's American Idol. For starters, I think the worst part about tonight was hearing the year the contestants were born -- 1982, 1987 ... David Archuleta in, what, 1990 or 91?? Feeling VERY old.

David Cook is by the far the most creative, talented one of the bunch. Who else could take a Michael Jackson song and transform it the way he did? A+

I was glad to see that Michael Johns had a good week. Another Queen song, but that's OK. He nailed it -- and it was so refreshing after the string of boring ballads at the front of the show. The only thing that struck me for the first time tonight is that sometimes when he sings and gets that intense look in his eyes, he kind of looks like Ted Bundy. Remember him -- the serial killer? I'll try to push that out of mind in the future ... but I don't know if I can. A-

Kristy Lee Cook -- I know ... she's lucky to still be in and her song was a bit indulgent, but I really liked her this week with "God Bless the USA" and her rich country voice. B+

Brooke White was one of my favorites a few weeks ago and I'm still rooting for her, but she's becoming a bit monotonous to me. After last week's overly sunshiney performance, she wisely chose to hide behind -- I mean play -- the piano again. I love her voice but this week's "Every Breath You Take" didn't do too much for me. B-

I thought Sayesha had a good week, but, sounding like something Simon might say, I think she's forgetable. B-

And as for the rest, average ... or below. I didn't like David Archuleta's performance at all. I'm not a Carly fan even though I admit she has a strong voice. Somehow Jason squeaks by every week. I think he must have the girl vote.

Bottom three:
Chikezie, Carly, Ramiele (it probably won't be her but if it were me, I'd put her in the bottom three).

Going home: Chikezie

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