Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chasing Rainbows

Well this was a couple weeks ago, but we had quite a bit of rain in February, so much so that it almost began to feel like the norm. Putting on jackets and grabbing umbrellas quickly became second nature to the kids. Or at least to Zach and Allie. Blake and Nick are tough and can handle the cold and rain in their Nike athletic shorts.

The kids loved jumping on the trampoline with a double rainbow overhead.

We also had a cold spell with frigid nights in the low 20s where much of our greenery died ... or at least temporarily turned brown until the warm spring rays bring the sun-loving vegetation back to life. We even had snow on the mountain up across the street from our house.

Ahhh ... but it's all just a memory now as we burst back up into the 80s. The best time of the year here.

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