Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zachy Hoops It Up

Zach receives a pass.

Zachy tried the soccer thing. But unlike his brothers, soccer didn't stick ... at least for now. Maybe it was because there were 13+ boys on the team and he only got to play half the game, but whatever the reason, we decided to encourage him to try some other sports.

So a couple weeks ago he launched his basketball career ... and I think he's found a passion. After his first practice, the inside of our house became a makeshift basketball court -- dribbling down the halls, passing to siblings, shooting off the walls.

And at his first couple games, Zach goes after the ball like a boy on a mission. The only problem so far is he's not sure what to do after he gets the ball ... other than dribble ... and dribble ... and dribble. And then he might shoot.

He's had a couple close ones, but we're still waiting for his first basket. In the meantime, we're helping him understand the concept of passing :)

Another pass comes his way.

Way to get those arms up, Zach!

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