Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nick Strikes Up the Band

We're about in our fifth week of school now and we're finally settling into our school routine. Nick announced during the first week of school that he wanted to join band. And he opted for the clarinet, which I have a feeling is because it is about the smallest of the instruments and he didn't want to lug around a saxophone or trombone or some other thing that would feel like carrying a baby hippopotamus around.

I ordered a rental clarinet and the moment it arrived, the frequently off-key blare, I mean the sweet music, could be heard throughout the house ... if not the neighborhood.

He really is into it and will pick it up and start playing, usually several times in an afternoon and evening. And even though it's only been a few weeks, I can already hear improvement. The steady note that goes abruptly off-note is becoming less frequent.

Nick wouldn't let me take a picture of him playing it. So this one will have to do ... for now.

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