Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zach Loses His First Tooth!

Just after Zach and Allie turned six comes yet another sign that these first graders are babies no more.

Allie has three gaps in her smile, so finally it was Zachy's turn to lose that first one. One night it was loose, and then the next morning he woke up and it was gone.

He said he lost it in the middle of the night and was holding onto it in bed, but was nowhere to be found by morning. So sweet.

You can already see the new tooth coming in full force. Now if it would just move forward a little bit ...

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Elizabeth said...

I have a 6 yo who just lost a tooth too. at our house the tooth fairy inevitably forgets to take the tooth an leave money the first night. Does that ever happen to you? #parentfail