Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Here! First Day of School!

We had a fun and busy summer but by late July, as the pool felt more like a bathtub and the muggy days were downright miserable, I think we were all ready for school to start. A few of us may not have known it or admitted it, but it was time. And today was the day -- the first day of school. Blake is an 8th grader now, Nick a 5th grader, and Zach and Allie are in 1st grade. And each of the kids had their own, individual take on Day 1 of the new school year. Allie: In the days leading up to the first day of school, she was busy helping me organize the school supplies and deciding what she would wear the first day.
Zach: Unlike Allie, Zach didn't want to help with the school supplies and whenever I'd ask him if he's ready for school, he'd crinkle up his little nose and murmur, "Do we really have to go back to school?"
He, like Zach, asked me many times, "Do we really have to go to school?" But while Zach's question was filled with anxiety, Nick's version was pure annoyance.
Blake: aka Mr. Soccer. School interferes with playing lots of soccer. "I should be practicing two or three times a day."

"One more picture of me, Mom!"

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