Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Allie's First Daddy/Daughter Dance

Back in January a little note came home in Allie's folder. The paper was plain white with photocopied words. But the message sent Allie's excitement level to new heights: the school's annual Daddy/Daughter Dance was coming up.

"Mommy, how do we dance? What do we do? What dress am I going to wear?" Allie asked almost daily, eagerly peppering me with variations of the same questions.

Allie practices twirling in the hallway.

One day when I was at Costco, I spied some adorable, spring-looking, twirly (a requirement for 5-year-old girls going to a dance) dresses, so I picked out the cutest one. It was white with big bright pink polka dots and a huge pink bow (I know, doesn't sound that cute, but it really, really is).

I brought it home, Allie tried it on and she liked it. But, Allie had her heart set on wearing her black, "fancy" shoes. And she explained that the black shoes did not match her white and pink dress (which, I had to agree with her on that one).

"Mommy, I want to wear my Nutcracker dress," she proclaimed.

The "Nutcracker" dress is the black and blue fancy dress she wore when we saw the Nutcracker during the Christmas season.

Getting her hair ready.

"Are you sure? We could just get some white shoes for the new dress?" I said, knowing I was in an uphill battle on this one.

"No, I really want to wear the Nutcracker dress and my black shoes," she said.

And so she did. And she looked adorable.

We curled her hair, put in a headband. Brett put on his suit and tie. I took some pictures, and then they were on their way.

Brett and Allie

Brett said she and some of her kindergarten friends spent the evening laughing, dancing, twirling and falling to the floor. Over and over.
The minute she walked in the door, she said what
many of us girls have said after an evening of cutting the rug ...

"Mommy, my feet hurt."

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