Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twin Talk: Zach and Allie-isms

Back when Zach and Allie were crawlers and droolers, they often babbled to each other in their own little language. I always knew I had a good 15 or 20 minutes until I had to pluck them from their cribs and begin our day together because they always had their little morning conversation -- their own private ritual. Perhaps they were debating the merits of rice cereal vs. oatmeal, or Pampers vs. Huggies, or maybe they were plotting to take their naps one after the other as they often did with Allie being the early napper and Zach preferring to hold off on his snooze -- rather than conveniently together -- to totally run Mommy ragged. I'm sure they got a good laugh out of that.

I didn't have a clue what they were saying, but they've always been good at holding each other's attention.

These days it's bedtime when they hold most of their in-depth conversations. They start talking about all kinds of things. It's really cute, actually. They discuss things that have happened, ask each other's opinion on things, and plan for the next day together. The most recent hot topics have included:

"Do you think Nicky's costume was scarwee?"

"Do you want to do Halloween again? ... It won't be until next year. Thanksgiving is next ... and then Cwismus."

"Who is more beautiful -- Snow White or Cinderelly?" .... that's Allie talking.

"Do you want to have waffles with me for bwekfast?"

"Should we watch Stuart Little tomowwoh?"

"How many animals are in your bed? Who's your faebrit? The blue bear matches my jammies."

"Do you need more water? I'll get you more water."

"Do you want to go to pweeschool tomorrow?"

And so it goes ...

And speaking of Zach and Allie and talking and conversations, it's so funny to hear little people saying bigger people's sayings.

Blake and Nick -- and even Brett for that matter -- often say "My bad" when they make a mistake of some kind. It seems like it usually involves sports. A bad toss of the football. "My bad."

Although she doesn't know she's doing anything out of the ordinary by saying it, she says it all the time. Casually. Matter-of-factly, without even thinking about it. But each time it's always so stinkin' cute and unexpected.

Sitting at the dinner table. Her pink Disney princess fork plummets to the floor.

"My bad," her little semi-squeaky, almost elf-like voice blurts out.

She squeezes too much toothpaste onto her toothbrush, leaving a blue blob on the counter and a frown on Mom's face.

"Oops ... my bad," she says without a second thought.

Me to Allie as she peeks out her bedroom door when she's supposed to be in bed: "Allie, it's bedtime. Get in bed."

Allie: "Sorreee, Mom. My bad."

Zach, always the one who steers Allie back on course, from his bed: "Allie, are you in twuble? Don't go out there ..."

"Zachy ... do you like (gym)nastics?"

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