Monday, November 24, 2008

Counting My Blessings

I've always loved the simplicity and warmth of Thanksgiving and I've long regretted the way it's become the Jan Brady of holidays, sandwiched between the ever-popular Halloween and the perennial favorite, Christmas.

I have to admit that this year I've broken my own rule about waiting to celebrate the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving has passed. I asked Brett to put up some of the lights (but only because I know we're going to be busy in the weekends ahead), Zach and Allie have already watched Frosty the Snowman more times than I'd like to admit, and in scanning the car radio stations while driving around town, I've even let "Jingle Bell Rock" play through.

But before I continue on my frenzied holiday pace, gearing up for company and then more company, getting shopping, wrapping, shipping, cards, baking and all that stuff done on the two days a week Zach and Allie are in preschool, then flying back home for the holidays, I will slow down and think about all I'm thankful for.

In this post, the big things, the ones that matter most: my family.
  1. Brett. This is the guy who's put up with all my complaining and whining over the past 18 months about dragging me -- someone who considers things like switching hairdressers or changing workout routines to be a major change -- to the hottest city in the country. The guy who makes us coffee every morning and gives the twins their baths and reads them bedtime stories while I blog away. The man who, when I call him at 4:00 and say I'm just too frazzled to cook, doesn't hesitate and asks what I'd like him to pick up for dinner.
  2. Blake. I'm thankful that whenever he goes to that dark almost-12-year-old place, he always comes back with a smile -- or at least a pleasant tone of voice. Can't believe how fast the years have gone.
  3. Nicky. I love that when it's his bedtime, he won't start walking to his room until I'm there to accompany him, then I'll turn up the covers just the way he likes all nestled under his chin, he'll give me his satisfied little smile and I give him a kiss on his forehead. He's at that in-between place -- sometimes little boy, sometimes big boy.
  4. Zach. My teddy bear -- and early bird. The one who wakes me up and we snuggle on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse Club together before the other kids get up. Love to hear the pitter patter of his flapper feet (as long as it's not before 6:30 a.m.).
  5. Allie. My girl. The one who, whenever she sees me getting stressed out, runs up and plants kisses on me and flashes me her sweetest 4-year-old smile and then everything's OK. I love having a girl.
  6. Our parents, who are healthy and supportive and continue to pour out their hearts to us even though we're hundreds of miles away. We know it's been hard, and we'll always be thankful.

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