Saturday, October 18, 2008

Soccer Saturday: Nick and Blake Score, Win Games

Nicky had his first game of the season on Saturday.

It's still hard to get used to the fact that the recreational soccer season starts so late here, but of course it makes sense. We don't want our kids suffering from heat stroke, sunburn, and the like when it's still 105 in September.

Instead, we start when it's a cool 95 out in mid-October. It was a little bit warmer than usual, and I suppose it's to make up for the beautiful weather we had the weekend prior when it was in the 70s and 80s.

But back to soccer -- Nick was so excited for his first game. T
wo of his buddies -- Jordan and Marcus -- are on his team. In years past Nick's never gone into the season knowing anyone on his team very well, so he loves having his friends around ... plus I think it kicks him into gear a bit as he plays to impress the fellas.

And second, Brett is coaching his team this year. He did a great
job. I decided to not even bother bringing the camera for the first game because I was alone with the twins on the sideline ... but they did great. So soccer pics of Nicky will come next week.

The first half Nick played goalie and it was 0-0 at halftime. Then Nicky moved up to forward. At one point he was just shy of the mid-field line when he booted it toward the goalie. In all honesty, many goalies probably would have gotten this one ... but these are 7- and 8-year-olds and it wasn't the goalie's lucky day. On through the net it rolled.

First goal of the season ... Nick Dawson! Woohoo!

Jordan scored next then Nick went on to score another for The Fireballs (a name inherited from a year or two of Blake's early soccer days in Elk Grove) as they won 3-1.

Then it was time to go home to cool down and get hydrated before heading back to the fields for Blake's 3:30 game., which proved to be perhaps the most exciting game of the season so far.

They were playing a team that they beat once in a tournament and then lost in a subsequent game -- one that we really should have won.

On Saturday ... I hope I get this right ... at halftime it was tied at 3-3.
About 10 minutes or so into the second half, Allie tells me, "I has to go potty."

"Can you wait a little bit?" I plead.

"No, I has to GO!" she said jumping up and down.

So around the field and across another we trek to the public restrooms.

After Allie make it back to our seats, Brett looks at me and said, "Don't be mad but you missed Blake's header goal."

"What ... are you kidding?" It seems I ALWAYS miss the huge plays.

Apparently a teammate had a free kick, near the corner kick area. Instead of shooting toward the goal, he shot toward Blake who was positioned about 20 feet in front of the goal, to one side. Massimo kicked, Blake positioned himself just right, shot it off his head, and into the upper corner of the goal box it went.

I was SO bummed I missed it. Blake's been talking since the beginning of the season how he wants to get a header goal ... and I missed it! Dads on the team were raving about it, calling it "SportsCenter-worthy."

Why can't it be like TV ... why can't I rewind and see it? Oh well ... I told Blake he'll have to do it again next week.

Oh, one more goal was scored and they went on to win 5-3.

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