Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Clarification

Today Blake read my most recent post about the soccer games this past Saturday. Or, I should say, he read the portion involving his game.

And he was quite unhappy about the way I portrayed his header goal that kicked the team out of tie and helped win the game. He thought I was way too casual about it, that it sounded like a fluke or that he got lucky.

So, as I had to do (just a couple times) in my newspaper days when I got a fact or point incorrect in an article, I'll post a clarification.

Specifically, Blake wants everyone to know that he "jumped 4 feet" ... that's his estimation, folks, although I could have sworn the first time he told me about it, it was 3 feet. He also thought I should have pointed out that the ball went into the "very, very" upper left corner of the goal. And, he said, it was perfectly timed, not just a fluke.

Also, I apparently used the term "shot" instead of "crossed." So I should have said "Massimo crossed over to Blake" instead of Massimo shot toward Blake.

So, per Blake's request (and I do admire his attention to detail :)), I just wanted to set the Dawson family record straight. Who knows -- maybe his kids will be reading this someday ...

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