Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol Tries to Inspire

Getting us primed for tomorrow night's mega-star-powered Idol Gives Back, tonight the final 8 belted out songs that inspire them.

Some of my least favorites in past weeks were my favorites tonight. Here they are in the order I liked them this week, best to worst.

1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but my favorite this week was Jason Castro. He sang Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of "Over the Rainbow." Perhaps I'm biased because this has been one of my favorite songs over the past year. It's been in my Ipod since I started running and I love listening to it at the beginning of runs when I'm warming up and at the end when I'm winding down. Anyway, I thought this song was perfect for Jason's easy-going style. I just wish he would stop doing those weird things with his face.

2. Here's another one I never would have thought I would pick as number two, but I really liked Kristy Lee Cook this week. I like some country songs and she seemed so natural and sure of who she was singing "Anyway." And she has a great attitude.

3. David Archuleta had another great week. My only problem with him is that it often looks like he's gasping for air. Still, such a smooth, velvety voice. Although not my absolute favorite, I think he'll probably win. I just hope Hollywood doesn't corrupt him -- he seems like such a nice kid.

4. Michael Johns had another pretty good week with Aerosmith's Dream On. Randy and Simon liked him but don't really buy him as a rocker. I think they're being too closed-minded. He's diverse. Paula said he sounded as good as he looks and then something about Chihuahuas?? Have another sip out of your Coke cup, Paula ... and stop drooling. At least she's more coherent than she was a couple years ago.

5. Brooke White. I continue to pull for Brooke each week. I love her voice and she's a local girl from Mesa, just down the highway. But she seems to grow more timid and unsure of herself each week. Tonight after she sang and waited for the judges' responses, she looked like a nervous schoolgirl waiting to see if the boy she likes is going to ask her to dance. Simon likened her performance to something like a nice stroll in the park. Well said.

6. David Cook was off tonight. I'm still a huge fan and he's my pick to win, but between his boring song, his awful white leather jacket and him throwing his hand with the scrawled words "give back" into the camera (kind of gratuitous, if you ask me), it wasn't his night. Simon was right -- he, unfortunately, came off a bit cocky.

7. Syesha sang Fantasia's "I Believe." Unfortunately, I don't think the judges believed in her much tonight. Syesha keeps making the mistake of singing these huge songs sung by powerhouses. She always pales in comparison. Bottom three for sure.

8. I'm sorry, I just don't get Carly. She has a great voice, but I just can't get into her performances. Her personality is a bit strange and between her bouts of insecurity and nerves, she just doesn't come across as someone who is confident. And other than her being Irish and having a huge tattoo on her right arm, I really feel like I know nothing about her. Bottom three.

So I guess we'll find out Thursday ...

Bottom three: Sayesha, Carly, Brooke

Going home: Sayesha

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