Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol -- David vs. David

Last night I watched American Idol, but it felt obligatory.With Michael Johns gone, I had a hard time getting into it. I've never thought he was the best, but he was fun to watch. I think Brett's glad he's gone. Over the last couple weeks he started referring to him as "your favorite" or "your boyfriend." I don't know what gave it away -- me demanding the kids to "ssshhh" every time he sang or all the posters of him that have mysteriously appeared throughout the house (that's a JOKE, to those of you who weren't sure).

But anyway, life goes on .... and really ... Mariah Carey week??? Yes, she's a great singer, but how many times have we heard the women criticized for singing "big" Mariah or Whitney or Celine songs? I think this was another chance for Randy to name-drop.

The women were bad. Sayesha was ok, but I have yet to see her personality. I don't know a thing about her. Kristy Lee was mediocre this week. How long can she ride this out? Carley was ... Carley. I still haven't seen a performance of hers that I really like. And Brooke. Poor Brooke. She just seems to be slowly deteriorating -- performance-wise -- each week. I think nerves have gotten the best of her. Did you see the bewildered look on her face when Simon said she was like a hamburger without the meat? So sad. I would love to see her have another great week to rival her "You're So Vain" week.

So that leaves the guys. I thought Jason was good in his Jason, mellow, soothing kind of way. Brett can't stand him, but I think he's easy to listen to, and really, one of the most consistent ones since the beginning.

And then there are the Davids. These two guys are going to be the final two. Little David was good and cute and taking his deep breaths again. But David Cook should win. He's incredible and he's more "now" than any of the others. He's the most creative one of the bunch and he's become much more likeable over the course of the show. And he loves words and crossword puzzles -- he deserves to win :)

Bottom three: Carley, Sayesha, Kristy

Going home: Carley

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