Friday, February 29, 2008

Blake's awesome brother

Blake would probably kill me for posting this, but it's just so sweet, I can't resist. This is a writing assignment -- he had to write about someone who is important to him. He wrote about Nicky. He was madly typing his final draft this morning. Here it is:

My awesome brother

By Blake Dawson

There have been so many important people in the United States. There are other important people to you and me though right? For example my younger brother Nicky is one of those important people to me. He’s important to me because Nicky is always cheering me up, playing with me, and he loves me.

One reason my brother is important to me is that he cheers me up. Nicky brightens my day by making jokes and having laughs. Sometimes I’m sad and Nicky tries to fix the problem. Also when I get sick Nicky would always help me out. Nicky is very important to me because he cheers me up.

Another quality my brother has is he’s always willing to play.

When I am bored I’ll ask him if he wants to play soccer or football he always says yes. He is good at sports so it makes it more fun. When were inside he might offer me to play him in a game of monopoly. Playing with me is a reason Nicky is important to me.

The number one reason Nicky is important is that he loves me. He shows it by sharing things with me. He’s also never forgetting me in a game like a football game. He also forgives me when I start a fight with him or make a mistake. That’s the most important reason my brother is important to me.

There have been and still are important people in the United States like George Washington. My brother is even more important to me than any president because he cheers me up, plays with me, and he loves me. That’s one of the many important people in my life. I also couldn’t wish for a better brother,

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