Friday, February 29, 2008

American Idol results

Well I was only 1 for 4 last night. The only one I had right was Jason Yeager, the guy who sang the Doobie Brothers.

My other pick, Luke Menard, was in the final bottom two, but wanna-be rocker boy Robbie was sent home instead. It's gotta be next week for Luke unless he unleashes a new voice.

And the girls ... my top pick was rocker girl/raspy-voiced Amanda. This was also the pick for, the popular anti-Idol website that tries to hang onto the bad contestants for as long as possible. The same website that contributed to Sanjaya hanging on for so long last season. So Amanda was spared.

Instead, Alexandrea Lushington was sent packing. OK. Maybe not one of the next two in line to go, but she probably would have only lasted another week or so.

Then it was down to my pick Cady and Alaina Whitaker, who was awesome last week and really, I thought, pretty good last night with Hopelessly Devoted, but then again, I love Grease.

Remember when she asked Simon what was wrong with her pretty blue dress when it seemed like her grandmother prepared here?

This 16-year-old seems like such a nice, sweet girl, so it was so sad to see her crushed, breaking down in tears, when it was announced she was the lower vote-getter. I know I'm getting old when, instead of sympathizing with this girl, I'm feeling for her mother. I hate to see any of my baby's hearts broken and I know there will be plenty of that in the days ahead.

Until then I guess we have '80s songs next week. Any recommendations for these singers? I think Amanda should sing Melissa Etheridge or maybe "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Definitely something slower. Brooke White might do a good "Betty Davis Eyes." David Archuleta ... hmmm ... maybe Journey's "Open Arms" or "Every Breath YOu Take." Ramiele would probably do a good "The Rose" by Bette Midler. I can totally envision Michael Johns singing an INXS song.

We shall see ...

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