Friday, February 3, 2012

The Knitting Bug

Allie is all smiles in the knit hat she made.
It happened sometime in November or so. Zach and Allie stumbled upon some yarn and half-finished little "scarves" created by Blake and Nick that had been buried in a drawer or closet ...

Nick taught Zach and Allie how to finger-knit, so they produced some long, skinny, loose, yarn creations. Instead of playing on his Nintendo DS at bedtime, little Zach would sit up in his high loft bed and knit away until his masterpiece was eight feet tall.

Over the two-week Christmas break, the kids started to spend a lot of time with some sisters who had just moved in a few houses down a few months prior ... five sisters ranging in age from 4 to 15. And they have a little 2-year-old brother.

The girls are quite crafty (in the craft sense of the word), so after they got wind of Zach and Allie's little knitting projects, they whipped out the big guns. They showed Zach and Allie their looms and all the adorable hats and scarves they've made. They even have a darling little flower loom. So in the past weeks every trip out has meant a stop at Walmart or Michael's to get a new color yarn. 

I love their enthusiasm and their commitment to finishing a project. And here, Allie is so proud of the hat she made that she wore it to school. Ok, by the time she got home the top part that was sewn together had come undone ... but it wasn't something those talented girls down the street couldn't fix.

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