Monday, October 24, 2011

Weird Science

A couple weeks ago while Brett and Blake were at an Arizona Cardinals game, Nick, Zach, Allie, and I headed to the Arizona Science Center. We had never been there before and Zach was excited because a new Pirates exhibit had just opened (but no cameras allowed in the exhibit).

Zach LOVED the pirate exhibit, marveling over the swords, coins, artifacts, and the cool pirate ship and quarters that made a pirate's life within firm grasp.

The kids all loved the rest of the museum. Favorites included an interactive display of the digestive system which included a slide. As you slid down the slide (through the intestines), a lovely fart noise sounded, sending the kids into hysterics. Every. Single. Time.

They also liked this cool telescope, which shot a picture of their giant eye on a screen up above.

Zach looks through the telescope.

Zach's huge eye.

They also loved the image distorting machine, always good for a few laughs.

Alien Nick

And afterward on the walk back to the car, Zach is unable to muster up a cute smile for the camera.

A little cheese with that?
But Allie does.

Sweet Allie
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