Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blake's Ready For Some Football!

No. 33
So it's been almost two months, but it's still just sinking in that Blake decided to put soccer on the back burner (or off the stovetop altogether; time will tell) and instead take a stab at freshman football.

Although he's never played  any football beyond the annual Dawson Thanksgiving game and perhaps the schoolyard recess game, he quickly committed himself to the end-of-the-summer football camps and daily practices once school started.

(Note: If you don't easily digest a lot of parental bragging and boasting, then just skip this paragraph.) Blake's played in three games now. In the first game he had something like six tackles (despite an ultimate loss) and was named one of the four captains for the following week's game. In Game Two, he got a taste of playing offense at halfback and racked up two touchdowns, contributing to the team's first victory. And Game Three was a blowout -- 50-12.

And although he comes home with a bag of ice most nights after practice for an ice bath, he's always eager to get out there the next day and do it all over again.

Blake, No. 33, on the kick-off special team.
Blake on offense.

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