Monday, June 13, 2011

A Freshman in the House

With the close of the school year came Blake's 8th grade promotion. Back when I was a kid it was 8th grade graduation, but these days it's a promotion. So hard to believe ... seems like just yesterday that Scooby Doo backpack looked so cumbersome on his little kindergarten back.

Blake originally wanted to get decked out all in white and accessorize with aviator glasses. I managed to talk him into something he might actually wear again and he opted for black slacks and dress shirt from the Calvin Klein outlet.

When it came to his tie, Blake had visions of a bright red, so we trekked through a good chunk of the apparel stores at the outlets until we found "the one."
Blake and his friend (really, friend).
With a little help from Dad and the grandpas, Blake got his tie in place. He slipped the aviator glasses on and he was ready to roll.

We ventured down Carefree Highway to dinner at El Encantos Dos ... only one pitcher of margaritas was spilled.

And then Blake and his classmates filled the auditorium at the high school where most of them will be attending next year. The obligatory speeches were made, the diplomas distributed, and, just like that, I have a high-schooler.

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