Friday, January 21, 2011

Jumping into 2011

With the holidays over and done with, we're all sluggishly getting back into our day-to-day routine.

We had a great trip to Sacramento, spending a busy week with our families. We took Blake and Nick snowboarding while Brett and I opted to stay on skis. It was a snowy, overcast day. Other than cruising down the mountain and feeling like you can't see more than 10 feet in front of your face at times, it was a fun time.

Oh, and there was the fact that Brett got a crash course in the laws of chain requirements on our way home after a friendly CHP officer pulled us over and the two conversed on the matter. I know no matter how hard I tried, and even if I detailed here word for word, it would never convey the looks, tones, and the undercurrent of hilarity that ensued ... at least from my perspective :)

Blake and Nick (aka Mr. Blue Eyes, below) on the lift, getting ready to tear it up.

Brett in the snow and slush chaining up the van.

Another treat: Brett and I got to see, live, in-person, the sheer Sacramento Kings and the fanatic that is my brother. He gave Brett and I a pair of seats about 10 rows up behind one of the posts while he scored himself at an amazing deal another pair of tickets in the second row courtside. After a phenomenal game in which Tyreke Evans nailed a half-court shot at the buzzer leading to the Kings' 8th or 9th victory of the season, we got to follow my brother into the bowels of Arco Arena as he stalked, I mean patiently waited, to greet players and get autographs.

Somehow we ended up in the area where employees clock out. And I think we were among the last souls to leave Arco Arena that evening as my brother added the scrawls of Bobby Jackson, Jerry Reynolds, and some of the current players I don't keep track of anymore, to his collection. Even security staff was clocking out as the three of us waited while my brother consulted blueprints of the arena (OK, that last part is a joke ... the rest all true).

Michele and Brett at the Kings game.

We also spent time with Brett's parents and my family. Wii, chess, Jenga, badminton, Lego-building, movie-watching, great meals, playing with dogs, wine-drinking, walks -- all standard fare on a visit home.

The Dawson clan.

The Mariner/Thomas crew

And then when we got back home, attentions turned to the new trampoline, a daily diversion for all four kids. Blake's mastering his back flip, Zach and Allie love a good game of "Dead Mummy," and every time Nick enters the ring, he tries to turn it into a wrestling match.

The kids can't wait for the grandparents' next visit, so they can all give it a try. ;)

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Looks like you had a great holiday! Look forward to reading more :)