Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Hard to believe it's already the holiday season. Living in Phoenix where much of December is sunny and in the 70s (minus the cold wave that hit us for a few days last week), it's sometimes hard to get in the holiday spirit. You close your shutters, turn on the Christmas music and light up your cinnamon-scented candle.

One of my favorite traditions when we lived in California was heading up to Apple Hill Thanksgiving weekend, going out to breakfast and then chopping down our Christmas tree at one of the many tree farms that pepper the foothills. The kids would take turns (OK, fight over) holding the saw, look forward to the candy canes the farm owners handed out at the end, and Brett would strategically rope the tree down on top of the minivan, frequently looking in his rearview mirror and driving slower than normal on the ride home.

We quickly learned that this experience doesn't exist in Arizona. So for our first few Christmases here, we slipped on our flipflops and headed to the lot at the grocery store and paid nearly $100 for a fresh tree.

I've always been adamantly opposed to a fake tree, but living here slowly but surely changed my view.

Last year I saw some amazingly real-looking trees at Costco. When we finally decided to go ahead and get one, they were gone. So this year, when they appeared around Halloween time, we grabbed one. Along with it I got my pine-scented wall plug-in from Bath and Body Works, which is much stronger than a real tree could ever hope to be.

And, in the end, with it's lights and ornaments, our fake tree doesn't look too bad.

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