Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Reality ...

It was a busy, fun-filled winter break (I'll post pictures soon), and I was dreading Monday morning. Actually I was worried about Sunday night and the kids rediscovering their true bedtimes after staying up until midnight playing Wii.

Zach and Allie wandered into our bedroom a few times throughout the night, but when it came time to get up at about 7 a.m., they all popped up as soon as I woke them up.

They quickly got dressed, ate breakfast, and Nick, Zach and Allie even all lined up to brush their teeth ... the first time I asked them to. Yippie!

Blake had on his Nike "No blood, no foul" soccer shirt and Nick didn't even argue when I asked him to put on a sweatshirt.

Zach and Allie made sure I packed their new Batman and Tinkerbell folders -- their midyear replacements for the tattered August folders that were being held together by packing tape -- as we set out for our walk to school.

And while they talked about seeing their kindergarten friends and teacher again, Zach looked around, looked back at the house, then looked up to me and asked, "Mom, when do we get winter break again?"

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