Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Pictures Before the Pictures

Zach and Allie before going to school on Picture Day

So last week was Picture Day at the kids' school. And if you were around our house for the week prior and spent any time with Allie, you'd think it was Christmastime.

"Mommy ... how many more days until Picture Day?" Allie would ask with bated breath.

"Um ... four more days, honey," I'd reply.

"When should we pick a dress out?" she'd inquire.

"Soon," I told her.

With Blake and Nick, Picture Day always meant hoping their payment envelope would make it to the teacher and then fighting them to wear a collared shirt they professed to be "dorky" or "lame."

This year I tried not to be so anal about it and let them wear what they wear much of the time anyway -- a pro soccer jersey.

With Allie I knew I wanted her to wear her cute red dress with white polka dots. But Allie likes to choose her own clothes, so I had to be very strategic. One day while she was playing in the playroom I went to her closet, removed the dress from the back of the closet and put it right up front, pushed the hanging items on both sides so the dress had plenty of space to hang all on its own, and closed the closet door.

"Hey, Allie," I said nonchalantly. "Why don't we pick out your dress for Picture Day tomorrow."

"OK," she squealed, quickly abandoning the lesson she was giving her stuffed animal students.

She darted into her room, pushed open the closet, put her 5-year-old hands on her narrow little hips and peered inside.

Suddenly her eyes lit up.

"Mommy! This dress would be perfect" she proclaimed, pointing to the little red dress.


And sweet little Zach? He was very cooperative in wearing the dorky collared shirt Mom picked out for him.

My Zachy

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OMG both twins look like Michelle!