Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Babies are 5!

With a little help from their friends, Zach and Allie blow out the candles on their Hello Kitty/Transformers birthday cake.

Zach blows out his FIVE candles.

I know it's a cliche, but it seems like just yesterday that Zach and Allie entered the world, gracing us with their laughter and smiles, frustrating us with their temper tantrums, prompting us to the join the ranks of minivan owners, and letting us become spectators in their unique twin bond.

After I found out I was carrying not one, but TWO babies, I spent many nights unable to sleep, wondering how in the world I'd have the skill, patience, and energy to care for two newborns AND shuffle Blake to and from 2nd grade and soccer practice AND devote special attention to almost-4-year-old Nick. It seemed an impossible task.

And now, five years later, I still lie awake. But now it's about whether Zach and Allie should start kindergarten or wait one more year, how we'll manage five soccer practices a week between Blake and Nick, how we'll make sure all the kids get their homework done, and how we'll keep from losing our minds in the process.

Somehow all those worries seem insignificant during the magical moments -- like watching Zach and Allie run hand-in-hand along the beach, snuggling next to Allie and several of her dozens of stuffed animals, receiving the special brand of Zachy sideways smooches. And my current favorite -- getting out of the van and reaching out both hands, waiting for a warm little hand to cling to me on each side.

And despite Allie hurting her ankle on the play structure and Zach screaming and crying at Nick during "Happy Birthday" because Nick was trying to blow out the candles, more magical moments transpired watching Zach and Allie's excitement mount as their first "real" birthday party drew near and the big day finally arrived.

"How many more days?" they asked about a dozen times a day for the two weeks leading up to the party.

Then squeals of delight when a friend's mom would call and RSVP.

Picking out the cake design (half Hello Kitty and half Tranformers -- so cool!) and helping assemble the goodie bags, hugging their friends as they arrived and indulging in two pieces of cake ... fun times and great memories!

Oh, to be 5 again ...

My 5-year-old Allie.

Allie and friends Lizzie and Alyse.

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