Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 Things About Blake

  1. Just about wherever he goes, you'll see a soccer ball nearby. Might be in his backpack, or combing the ground, scurrying from foot to foot.
  2. He devours books. More so than anyone I've ever known. Every teen/young adult series out there (except those involving vampires, which, I might add, it's hard to find non-vampire books for teens these days) has been in Blake's hands at least once. He's read many books four and five times. It's not unusual for him to stay planted on the couch for HOURS at a time just reading.
  3. Blake's goal in life is to play professional soccer in Europe. And he has so much drive and passion -- not to mention talent -- that it wouldn't surprise me if he does rise to the ranks of professional someday. In fact, the whole Europe -- and especially England -- dream, coupled with his recent reading of the Harry Potter series for the umpth time, has him sometimes talking like a Brit. "Mum, where's the remote to the telly?"
  4. He loves Jell-O. He could probably eat a whole batch if I let him. But the poor chap has three siblings and must share. "Shall we make some more, Mum?"
  5. Blake practices soccer whenever possible. With his team, with other teams, on his own. And he always wants to get to practice early, which doesn't always work out with three siblings, meals and homework. Not to mention the heat. Do you really need to be an hour early when it's 105 out? I think not. "I'm going for a run before school, Mum. I must keep my fitness up."
  6. He's become a collector of Nike soccer shoes ... mostly the indoor kind, which he wears to school. He loves bright, bold colors. He has yellow, silver, and a bluish-green.
  7. Ninety-five percent of his time on the computer is looking at things soccer-related: stats from his indoor league, upcoming tournaments and schedules, professional teams, and,, where most of his surfing is for shoes.
  8. When it's not stinkin' hot outside and the kids are playing outside, Blake is great about playing soccer with his three siblings. He teaches Zach and Allie how to dribble the ball properly and he and Nick get more competitive, setting up the pugs and going at it, one-on-one.
  9. When he's not playing soccer, looking at soccer stuff online, or reading, he's usually playing video games or hanging out with Anthony.
  10. He's pretty good at Boggle ... but some family members can still give him a run for his money. ;)
And, oh, did I mention ... he likes soccer? Sorry ... futbol.


PCHSportsMed said...

What a cool little athlete! Congratulations to Blake for his dedication to soccer, it really is incredible to see at such a young age.
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Enjoy and take care!

PCHSportsMed said...

What a cool little athlete! It's great to see such dedication to a sport at such a young age- it looks like Blake is really going to be a soccer star!

Since he is already interested in surfing the web for soccer info and videos you should have him check out our facebook page- We offer sports injury prevention tips, as well fitness and training videos from Dr. Vaughn at Phoenix Children's Hospital and head Cardinals trainers. It would be a great resource for Blake to help "keep his fitness up"!

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