Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nightfall = Pooltime

I know I just posted about the evils of July in Phoenix, but it's consuming ... our lives center around it these days.

We've finally had a couple little monsoon storms come our way the past few nights. Fierce winds mostly. We were concerned about our trees, especially the one in the back yard that was planted last year to replace the tree that we lost during a prior monsoon storm. It's a beautiful tree and growing quickly, but jutting out at an angle -- the type of angle storms love to eat up.

Anyway, Blake's been having soccer practice, Nick's been playing in some evening soccer sessions, and Zach and Allie have just finished up swimming lessons.

Our pool is pretty lonely during the day ... blame it on the 92 degree water reading. But in the evening it's much more enjoyable.

There's really nothing like playing in the pool at nightfall ... and beyond ...

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