Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things Nobody Ever Told Me About Being a Mom

"Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories."
~John Wilmot

This year marks my 13th as a mom ... and like all moms, I'm muddling my way through, learning as I go. I've read what I can in books, magazines and online forums. I've talked to other moms, teachers and friends. Whether it's ear infections, diaper rashes, preschool, bullies on the playground, soccer tryouts, kids using cell phones, or dealing with adolescent attitudes, we compare notes, share triumphs and lament the challenges.

But there are some things that just come -- no rehearsals, no preparation. Some hit you head-on; others touch you softly like a butterfly kiss.

Some things nobody ever told me about being a Mom:
  • That I'd end up eating my morning bowl of cereal while standing and making school lunches instead of sitting down and eating.
  • How eerily quiet the house is when they're all at school.
  • That sitting in a dentist chair for an hour feels like a break.
  • That wearing a floral sundress, striped tights, and princess tennis shoes could make a little girl so happy.
  • That I'd watch (or hear) Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars movies for months at a time.
  • That I'd have so much fun watching soccer games on weekends.
  • That I'd get competitive about playing tetherball against an 8-year-old.
  • That' I'd love it so much when I beat my husband and kids at Wii bowling.
  • That staying tough and not giving in is sometimes so difficult.
  • That knowing when to pick your battles is an art form, requiring practice and deliberation.
  • How having a child stay home sick can really throw you off schedule.
  • That putting a little girls' hair in a ballerina bun for dance class could be so difficult, but wow, isn't she so cute?
  • That I could be SO relieved on the rare nights my 3rd grader doesn't have homework.
  • That my heart would warm when, watching my 8-year-old play soccer, he'd make a great play, look over to see if I'm looking and then give me a great big smile.
  • How happy I'd feel when I'm at a restaurant and my 4-year-old says, "I want to sit by Mommy."
  • That I could be SO happy about not buying and changing diapers anymore.
  • How relieved I'd feel after my child, who had struggled with reading and writing, finally is caught up with all our hard work.
  • That even though four kids is definitely, positively IT for us, I still get those little yearnings when I see a pudgy-faced, smiling baby.
  • That I'd never get tired of crayon drawings and watercolors of flowers, hearts and butterflies.


Felipa said...

Love it Michelle! So absolutely true!

Anonymous said...

For the record Michele has beat me once at Wii bowling.