Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wonder Twin Powers ... Activate

Like any other siblings, Zach and Allie have their ugly moments. Usually it involves fighting over a toy. You know how it is with siblings -- there are a zillion toys in the house, but at the same exact moment they both want that cheesy Madagascar giraffe that came in the Happy Meal.

Or maybe Allie will want Zach to color with her while Zach wants to play pirates. Sometimes it's deciding which movie or TV show to watch -- Clone Wars or An
gelina Ballerina.

But ultimately they are best pals and fiercely protective of one another, especially Zach over Allie. When I drop them off at preschool, I'll give them each a kiss, then off they walk, hand-in-hand, to join their friends.

When we go to the park, they dart off again, tightly clutching one another's hand.

Although they're only 4 years old, I've already formed the conclusion that the woman who ends up marrying Zach is going to be one
lucky lady. Not just because he's so darn cute and has that sweet, irresistible side, but because he will have had a lifetime of experience in making a female happy. Zach will do anything, and I mean anything, in his power to keep his beloved sister happy. When she's upset, he's upset, too. If she's sad, he'll cry as well. And he's always doing his darndest to make sure everything is right in Miss Allie's world.

Some examples:
  • At bedtime, Zach and Allie will ask for water, talk about the agenda for the next day, run from one bed to the other, ask to turn the light on -- basically anything to stall the inevitable going to sleep. Allie sometimes suffers sudden or imaginary injuries. "My leg hur-hurts," she'll sob. Then Zach will come running out, "Mommy, Allie needs a band-aid." Except he doesn't pronounce band-aid correctly. He'll say, "Allie needs a bam-babe."
  • Getting Allie dressed in the morning is, more often than not, a battle. Many times she'll want to wear something inappropriate -- a sundress in January, tights in June, her Christmas dress in March, you know what I mean. I'll suggest some things she can wear. Then Zach, sensing my growing frustration, will peek in her closet ... "What about this dress, Allie? Pink is your favorite color."
  • Sometimes Allie will throw a temper tantrum over something, sometimes trivial, sometimes not. Maybe she wants a piece of candy she can't have, or maybe she is looking for her 6-inch Snow White figurine that could be in one of about 1,014 places. She's kind of like a roller coaster. She slowly starts chugging up the hill and then, once at the top, all heck breaks loose at a frightening speed. Whenever she goes to this dark, ugly place, Zach will muster every ounce of compassion and creativity he has to entice her out. "Allie, here's your blankie," or "Allie, here's your favorite doggie," he'll say in his sweetest voice.
  • And lately when I ask them to put their toys away, Zach will comply, putting his toys away as asked. Then I ask Allie a second and third ... and fourth time. Enter Zach ... "Allie, I'll help you put your toys away." And he's gotten really good lately. Not even any prompting from me ... On his own he'll suggest they get started before they move on to something else. "Allie, let's put the toys away first," he'll say, looking up at me. That's when it hits me ... Allie's not the only girl he's trying to make happy.

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Eric, Lexi and Reagan said...

This story is SUPER cute! What characters you have : ) By way of introduction, I'm Lexi. I'm on Brett's team at USAA. He sends us links to your blog on occasion so we can keep up. I think he does this more for his San Antonio underwriters but we get a kick out of it here in Phoenix, too!