Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Revealed

So yesterday Nick pounced up to me and announced he had a loose tooth -- the top one to the left of his front teeth.

"Mom, look how loose it is," he said.

And just as he said it, it gently removed itself from his gums and into the not-quite-as-safe confines of his bare hand.

"Wow ... I didn't even know you had a loose tooth," I told him.

And so throughout the day I had to frequently remind myself that the Tooth Fairy MUST make a visit ... she's so forgetful. Once the missing tooth remained under the pillow and no money was in sight. We had to write that silly Tooth Fairy a note.

So this morning, after the early craziness of feeding the kids breakfast, making lunches, getting Zach and Allie ready for preschool, and not feeling very well, Nicky and I made our way to the bathroom mirror when there was about 5 minutes until time to hop on his scooter and scurry on his way. Just a few minutes to comb his hair.

Standing in front of the mirror, Nick says in a sly, somethings-up tone, "Mommm."

"Yea," I say, looking up in the mirror at his playful blue eyes and adorable freckled face.

"I saw Dad come in my room with a dollar last night," he says, nearly in a fit of laughter.

My mind was racing and I concentrated on not letting my face give me away. My mind kept going back and forth. He is 8, after all. But, I can't just admit it, can I?

"Well maybe she left it in another room and Dad was putting in your bed for you," I said, realizing how lame that sounded.

"Nu-uh ... It's true ... there IS no tooth fairy," he said, all too proud that he had cold, hard proof.

"Wow, look how late it is ... time to go," I tell him, hoping my change of topic isn't as transparent to a child as it is to an adult.

He raced out of the room, turned around and gave me a smile and a shake of the head.

Oh well ... guess it was inevitable. Now I'm just waiting what he'll have to say in a couple months about the Easter Bunny.

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