Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tiny Dancer

So our little Miss Allie started dance class a few weeks ago. Ever since I took her to see the Nutcracker, she's been eagerly asking, "When am I going to learn to dance like in the Nutcracker?"

She adored The Nutcracker, sitting quietly and watching closely throughout the entire performance. At times she'd sit on my lap, her mouth just a touch open and her hand fluttering about, in sync with the music.

Up until that point I had been hesitant because it felt weird to have Allie embark on a new venture that didn't include Zach. But I'm sure that's a good thing sometimes; they each need to have things that are all their own.

And I confirmed with Zach. I mean, occasionally you see a boy or two in dance class. I was 90 percent sure what his answer would be, but the fairness police officer in me had to ask anyway.

"Do you want to do ballet with Allie?" I asked in the most neutral tone possible.

Zach gave me the furrowed eyebrows.

"Nooooo," he said with a giggle as his toy pirates continued their sword battle.

Now each week, the excitement builds for Allie as she counts the days to "ballet day."

Here she is doing ... well, I'm not sure exactly what. It is only her third time.

Here she is with her classmates practicing their pointy toes. I'm not a dancer ... I don't know what these positions are called ... can you tell?

Miss limber Allie extending.She may not be all that coordinated, but this girl can s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

Doing her chasse -- tongue and all...

At home she likes to practice her many moves.
She'll twirl and spin and often has to catch her balance to keep from falling down. In her case I think coordination will be a learned trait. She can also be frequently spotted holding onto the kitchen table and throwing her leg up in the air. And lately she'll slip on her ballet slippers and slide across the wood floor into an attempted splits position.

All the while, the pirates continue to fight.


Pat Erikstrup said...

I loved your nlog about Allie's dancing vlass! She dud tell me she had gone to Ballet when I called Brett. I said I suppose you have a pink leotard and I was about to say that I thought she would have a ltttle skirt on it when she said "it has a pink skirt on it! She sounded like she loved it and so your article filled me in. I could not believe she has grown so tall! Time changes them so much.... Miss you all, love, Mom in MN.

Simply Fern said...

Isn't she a doll. I have my grand-daughter Roslyn Belle and thought about putting her in dance but it costs so much. I bought a country line dancing DVD to see if she would actually follow direction. She did really well. Me? I crapped out after the first set of instructions. I think yo have to be young to dance. Other than that finger pointing dance we did in the 70's. Even that wears me out.
Anyway, you know I'm a sucker for anything written about kids. (Do you remember my column Simply Fern) And poor old Betsy Pesses. that broke my heart. Our kids mean so much to us and when hers left, well...I guess her life was empty.
so, check out my Tiny Dancer photo album. They aren't as pretty as your tiny dancer. Tell that she's just beautiful. Take care