Sunday, January 25, 2009

Soakin Up the January Sun

Now that it's late January, we're entering what most of us locals would say is the best time of year here. While we still get a downpour of rain now and then and the clouds play an occasional game of peek-a-boo, temps in the 70s have dominated.

While I predict my relationship with my new home city will once again turn tempestuous come June, for now we're all enjoying the honeymoon time of year outdoors as we dig out our shorts (packed away only two months ago), jog and bike through the neighborhoods, and get the grills fired up.
I know relatives in frigid parts of the country -- Minnesota, Iowa -- are freezing their tails off right now. Some have accused me of rubbing it in -- our glorious weather, that is. But I like to think of our six months of perfection as our reward for enduring months of torturous 110+-degree days. It really is a trade-off when we live in a climate with such Jekyll and Hyde weather. Miserable for five months; divine the rest of the year.

So, with the sun smiling upon us, we embraced this past weekend outdoors. Blake had two soccer games (both losses, unfortunately), we played at the park, I went for a run, Blake and Nick went paint-balling with a few friends (and Brett) to celebrate Blake's upcoming birthday, and we fired up the grill.

It was a great weekend, as most are this time of year. Visitors are always welcome; we have a guestroom :)
I always love watching Blake's soccer games. Here he is in action:

I love this next one. Zach and Allie poking their cute little heads out the caboose. This is a little train at our community park.

The beautiful Arizona clouds. This is the view toward the east from the big community park.

Nicky and his friend Rickson have their ups and downs.

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet."
~James Openheim

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