Monday, October 27, 2008

Soccer Saturday: Week 2

"Soccer is all very well as a game for rough girls, but is hardly suitable for delicate boys."

Nick takes control. Yes, the carnival was in town this past weekend.

And just like that, another soccer weekend came and went. It was a crazy one this time.

Nick had his second game of the season. He had another great game, scoring a goal and helping his team to a 4-1 victory. So now the Fireballs (coached by Brett) is 2-0.

While the rest of us were watching Nick's game, Blake had traveled with a teammate for what would be the first of four (yes, four!) games in a tournament in Ahwatukee, which is about an hour away. They won the first game, 1-0.

After Nick's game, we ventured down to Cory and Amy's to hang out for a couple hours before heading over to Blake's afternoon game. It's still hovering in the 90s here, but we have our pop-up overhead thing to shade us, but those poor players get exhausted.

Blake had a great goal in that game, booting it in from about the midfield sideline (if that even makes sense). Brett went insane. It was a bit embarrassing ... but it
was an amazing goal.

So Blake's team won that game 3-1.

On Sunday morning Brett and Blake left at 7:30 for the third game. They lost 1-0 to a team they should have beat. But they had enough points to advance to the championship game, which was filled with more pushes, cheap shots and jabs than a barroom brawl. I shudder to think how intense these games are going to get in just a few short years.

Anyway, they lost 7-2. But Blake scored a goal for his team ... and I got this great picture from Game 2:

And poor Blake. He played his heart out and could barely walk Sunday night ...

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