Thursday, August 7, 2008

Catch of the Day and Other Minnesota Tales

I finally dowloaded (or is it uploaded?) my 350+ pictures from our trip to Minnesota. I'm still editing, but will send out the link to view soon.

Going through the pictures, I think I've found a favorite. This was our first day up at the cabin and little Zach's first time fishing. It was overcast and muggy. Brett, Blake and Nick had gone out on the boat with Erik; they caught about a dozen fish and the boys were hooked.

Meanwhile, back on the dock, Brett's Mom and I were helping Zach fish. He didn't know what to do with himself when he caught one (pardon the spot ... I apparently need to clean my lens). Grandma reeled it in and Zach pretty much freaked out upon viewing his catch ...

Once Nicky caught his hearty bounty, he fancied himself an expert fisherman and became the designated "net man." He looked so cute in his hat ...

Blake was enthusiastic about fishing, too:

Meanwhile, Allie spent a lot of her time picking flowers around Grandma's cabin.

Another special memory we all took home was spending an afternoon with Brett's sweet grandmother, his aunt Linda and three of his cousins and their kids. Grandma Lillian had never met the twins and it was so wonderful that she got to have all eight of her great-grandchildren together ... although when group photo time came around, they were all silly and bouncing off the walls from too many cookies ...

And, of course, no family gathering would be complete without the photo of the clan:

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