Thursday, August 28, 2008

Angel (or devil?) of the Morning

One thing I've learned over my parenting years is that when your child is in that 3-4ish age range, how the first few seconds out of bed in the morning goes is a good indicator of how your morning will fare.

Sometimes our little ones are in their sweetest, most angelic state during those magical moments between being asleep and rousing to wakefulness.

Zachary is very predictable. He's usually the first one to loudly pitter-patter out of bed -- you'd think he has Michael Phelps-sized flipper feet the way they echo loud slaps down the ceramic-tile-floor hallway.

I'm usually either still in bed or getting into or out of the shower. With his tossled-about golden bedhead, his eyes still droopy and his baby blue blankie firmly in hand, he has one of two requests:

"I'm hungwee for bekfest." OR "I want to watch Mickeeeyyy Mouse."

Allie, on the other hand, is as unpredictable as the Arizona monsoon season.

Sometimes we call her "Little Miss Sunshine." She'll bounce out of her room, Tigger-style. "Gooood mornin, everrrybudy." Then she'll proudly tell me, "Mommy, I slept good." This after she's grown accustomed to my routinely asking her how she slept.

But other times, and thank goodness it's not all that often, she turns into a little possessed child -- someone else's child, I'm convinced.

Yesterday morning, first thing, she SCREAMED ... "Mommy, I want to watch Monsters, Inc."

Of course, this is one of the movies that's not in our billion-title collection. We DVR'd it once and it erased itself after a couple weeks.

"Mommmyyyy. I know we have it ... I've seen IT. I .... WANT ... TO ... WATCH ... MONSTERS .... INKKK!! Her face is tomato red and she sounds like a crazed NFL football coach whose star player made a rookie mistake.

"Allie, sweetheart," I say, trying to remain composed. "We don't have it anymore. Why don't we eat breakfast," trying the good ol' diversion tactic.

"I ... DON'T ... WANT ... BREAKFAST!!!"

No wings for Allie today.

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jamie in rose cottage said...

That's so true; you really can tell how the morning's going to go within the first few minutes. But she is a cutie, even without the wings! :-)