Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Conversation Between Zach and Allie ...

So yesterday morning as I was milling in and out of the bedroom, straightening up and gathering laundry, Zach and Allie were brushing their teeth -- or at least attempting to clean up their pearly whites.

Zach has the little tube of kid-friendly toothpaste -- with not much left in it it -- in hand as he tries to squeeze some out onto his Cars toothbrush.

Allie: "Hurrrryyyy up, Zachy. It's my turn. I need toothpaste."

Zach: "I'm trying to get it out, Alliiieeee."

Allie, growing increasingly impatient: "Zachy, I neeeeed some toothpaste."

Allie then thumps Zach on the back.

Zach lets out a cry. "Allie, stop it!"

I intervene, helping them both squeeze toothpaste onto their toothbrushes.

About 30 seconds pass as they're busy brushing their cute little teeth.

Allie, in a muffled voice with the toothbrush still in her mouth: "Zachy ... do you like me?"

Zach, matter-of-factly, not having to think twice about it: "Yep."

As a sidenote, I think it will be so interesting to see who these two end up marrying and if their spouses will be like their twin. It is kind of bizarre when you think about it -- having a built-in partner since birth.

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