Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol -- Cook Takes the Cake

So tonight we saw the final three on American Idol -- the Davids and Syesha.

First, though ... are these the three that should be there? David Cook, definitely. I love how he began as an underdog. In the early phases with the top 10 or 12, I wasn't too impressed with him. He seemed too rigid, too methodical, a little on the cocky side. But then it all changed. He had me at "Hello." His spin on that Lionel Richie song catapulted him to true contender-ship. But I have to wonder if winning will be good for his career. Would he be too restricted in the hands of the American Idol producers? Maybe he'd be better off in second place and letting his career soar in his own way, following the path of Chris Daughtry.

David A. -- I don't know. I really am starting to feel a bit sorry for this kid. There have been an increasing number of media reports that his dad is the nightmare stage parent. So now every time he sings a song and then is gasping for air, barely able to catch his breath, I wonder if it's awaiting the judge's comments that has him on edge, or if it's what his perhaps hard-to-please father will say to him after the show. I think he's an amazingly sweet kid and he really fits the American Idol mold, but I wish he could relax more.

Syesha -- Somehow she slid right in there, flying under the radar the whole way. I never would have predicted she would make the final 3. I still think Michael Johns should be filling her spot. Or maybe Brooke White. Syesha's a great performer and I'd have to say she's probably earned the title of "most improved." I'd watch her in a Broadway musical, but, honestly, I wouldn't buy her CD or download her music.

The performances: Even though none of the performances really blew me away, I thought the best by far tonight was David Cook's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." Like "Hello," he couldn't hide behind his guitar and a gritty, fast-paced song. His "Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was pretty good. The other was forgettable.

David A. The thing about him is that he's the same week after week. He's been consistently pretty good since Day 1. But I don't think he's improved, shown his creativity or done anything outside the box. He sings well, pre-pubescent girls scream, and he smiles and tries to breathe. It's the same routine each time.

Syesha. Her Alicia Keys' "If I Got You" was her best. She gave a nice performance, but too copycat. It's too bad that she chose "Fever." I don't know if she was trying to remind us that she's the only girl left, but it seemed she was trying to use her -- to put it politely -- female attributes (and a chair) to sway votes. And the Happy Feet song was just silly ... but that song was chosen for her. I don't know -- maybe the producers are trying to ensure her departure this week.

Sooo ... Syesha should and likely will go home. It will be the battle of the Davids. And no matter who wins the title, the big winner a year down the road will be David Cook.

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