Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol -- Not Much Bling on Neil Diamond Night

OK, let's just get this out of the way before anything else ... what was the deal with Paula last night? The woman was incoherent, confused and loopy. Or I guess I should clarify -- much more so than normal. I guess I've grown so accustomed to it that the wacky comments, the bedroom eyes glazing over any male contestant who is half-way good-looking, the slightly slurred speech and often undeserved accolades have all become acceptable.

But last night was a stark reminder that something's not quite right with Paula.

Granted, the show was more rushed than a maternity ward shuffling women newborns in and out, but still, you'd think she could get it together for an hour-long show. First, when the judges were giving their first-round critiques in the rushed format where they commented on everyone at the same time, she babbled on about Jason's two songs, comparing the first and second when they hadn't even sung the second song yet. "Oh, my notes, oh this is so confusing." Paula, Paula, Paula!

Here's what VOTE FOR THE WORST mentioned (I love their Idol comments):

"Highlights include:

-- Audience girl behind Paula mouthing “what is she talking about?” before any of the producers or Randy and Simon catch on.

-- Seacrest’s “oh shit” moment and look of panic towards the producers off-stage.

--Randy’s obliviousness, as if nothing is wrong, and that this is par for the Paula Craziness Course

-- Simon bursting into laughter right before the cameras cut away.

-- David Cook’s Joker-esque grin and laughter during the whole debacle.

"Idol conspiracy theorists... let’s hear your suggestions on what went wrong. Personally I think Paula was reading her notes from dress rehearsal and couldn’t remember that the 2nd performance hadn’t “happened” yet on TV. But that’s enlightening because it means the judges form their opinions DURING DRESS REHEARSALS. "

Back to me talking now ...

Then ... when commenting on Syesha's second song, she started her critique by calling her Brooke. No one said anything, but the look on Syesha's face said it all.

Anyway, onto the contestants and Neil Diamond night ... I'll just say right off the bat that Jason REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs to go home this week. I thought both his songs were just awful. I still can't get the image of him strumming his guitar on a kid's cable channel out of my head. He'd be perfect. I just wish he would have tried to change up the songs a bit. Not to sound like Simon, but "September Morning" was like a bad wedding singer.

Simon's right ... it's just more of the same Jason. Nothing new, nothing original. As I watched him, I just couldn't believe that he made it to the top 5 and Michael Johns didn't. Oh well, I'm over that ... really!

David Cook was good, as usual. I preferred his more rocked out, grittier second song. And I think it's nice that he has his cancer-stricken brother's initials, AC, emblazoned on his jacket and guitar. If you notice, the AC was in the rock group AC/DC font. I guess that's Adam Cook/David Cook. Adam Cook is in the advanced stages of brain cancer. He was actually in the audience a few weeks ago. His community raised $80,000 to pay for a special medical flight out to the show. Now, efforts are under way to raise money to fly him to the finale (assuming David C makes it). You can find out more here.

Anyway, back to Idol ...

Brooke. Her "I'm A Believer" left me speechless ... and not in a good way. Her smile seemed force, her feet seemed unnaturally planted on the ground, and, I don't know if it was just me, but her guitar seemed huge. I will concede, however, that she redeemed herself with "I Am, I Said." Much more of the real Brooke. It was weird, though, to have the Arizona mention in there.

David A was pretty good. Again, he has a great voice, just not as much pizazz or originality as David C. I think it's funny that every time someone sings a patriotic song, Simon says "what a smart song choice" in that smug little face, as if they're being manipulative. Maybe it's the insecure Brit in him, I don't know.

Syesha, I thought, was better than usual. I think after last week she's come out of her shell and is much more relaxed (maybe too relaxed with the bare feet and all). She's a beautiful girl with a nice voice and a theater personality and background, so I think she'll come out of all this plenty of career options.

So, bottom two ... Jason and Syesha. Going home -- Jason, please.

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