Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puggy and Spot

We have two new members in our household -- Puggy and Spot. No, we haven't yet succumbed to the kids' repeated requests for a real live dog. But Blake and Nick think we have the next-best thing -- Webkinz.

Puggy and Spot came into our lives last Sunday after Blake's soccer tournament. Grandma and Grandpa were here for a short visit. Blake's team was playing in the fourth and final game for the championship.

There was an incredibly inexperienced, insensitive and possibly visually impaired referee officiating. I'm usually one to forgive a referee's occasional bad call - after all, we're all human.

But this time was different. Poor Blake had three fouls called on him in a matter of minutes. Bad call after bad call. Missed calls. And then toward the end of the game, this referee said our team "plays dirty."

Blake, who is always so even-tempered on the playing field, was in tears at the end of the game.
We told Grandma and Grandpa we should stop for "a treat" on the way home. I was thinking ice cream. We lost them (the boys were riding with them) on the way home and instead of Rocky Road or Mint Chip, they came home with two Webkinz -- Puggy and Spot, a Pugg and a Dalmatian.

For those of you who haven't heard of Webkinz, they're stuffed animals that have an online code that allows your child to take care of the animal online and play games.

Lately the boys, now 11 and 7, have been into their video games, rollerblading, skateboarding and football cards. So now they're also online at the Webkinz web site.

But what surprises me, and warms my heart, is the attachment they have to these little stuffed animals. Especially Nicky. He carries him around wherever he goes, takes him to bed and was frantic when he couldn't find him yesterday morning.

Even Blake insists on bringing Spot to bed with him.
I'm learning to hang onto these little random acts of tenderness that I witness in my boys. While I know this love and sweetness will always remain within them, I know as they grow older devotion to a stuffed animal might lose out to other, more big-boy pursuits.

So for now, I'll join them in embracing Puggy and Spot ... and any other little creatures that come along.

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Linda said...

I think the girls may have one of those animals. I sure enjoyed going through your blog. Makes me feel not so far away. Keep it up. Love hearing about your children and about idol. I did not get to watch last weeks. Didn't record for some weird reason. I suppose it could be an error I made:)