Thursday, February 28, 2008

My American Idol predictions

I admit -- I'm still an American Idol fan. I've lost interest with all the other "reality" shows, but for some reason I can't kick the Idol habit.
And while I don't think this year's top 24 are "the best ever," as Ryan Seacrest reads from his cue cards, there are four or five that, in my book, are destined for greatness.
On the guys' side:
David Archuleta: I have to agree with Simon. He's the one to beat. This kid can SING, he's sweet as can be and those young teen girls who already spend many of their waking hours with their fingers flying texting messages to their friends will surely be a huge voting base. I loved his performance of Imagine. Let's just hope the show's producers can keep Paula's claws off him. I had to rewind the Tivo to make sure I heard her right. Something like "I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and hang it from my rear view mirror." What?? This woman is crazy. What was that poor boy thinking? He's not a troll doll, he's a 17-year-old kid, Paula!
Michael Johns: I loved his "Light My Fire" last week. He wasn't as good this week with his Fleetwood Mac song, but he'll go far. He has the "it" factor going for him. And he plays tennis.
David Hernandez: I know the judges loved him, but I didn't. For some reason he just gives me the creeps.
David Cook: Good voice, but looks sedated on stage. And I have to take issue with Simon -- who says crossword puzzles and a love of words are boring?! I bet he's a good songwriter.
Chikezie: A great performance. Fun guy. He'll last a couple more rounds.
Robbie: The blond wanna-be rocker. I just read that his golden locks are a wig. He might last one more round. Doesn't come close to past rockers like Bo Bice and Daughtry.
Danny: Pretty hair but ish -- what's up with that?
Who will/should go:
Jason Yeager:
This is the guy who sang the Doobie Brothers with a big smile glued on his face and the "horrid" ending, as Simon called it. I read on the Idol website that this guy's lucky charm is a certain pair or kind of underwear. I guess they got left in the dryer this time. My 7-year-old thought that final "horrid" movement was just hilarious -- we had to rewind and watch it about three times.
Luke Menard: This is the guy who sings like he's on Broadway. A nice-looking guy and a fairly good voice, but very bland and boring. Forgetable.
And the girls:
Brooke White:
My favorite this week out of all of them. A natural. And I love that she's so down-to-earth. I hope she continues to wow the judges.
Carly Smithson: She was pretty good but I have to admit I think she's kind of boring on stage. It seems like the judges are really trying to promote her, but she doesn't do much for me.
And, really, most of the other girls were bad or boring.
Who will/should go:
Amanda: This is the rocker girl with the horrible skunk/Cruella DeVille hair. The first time I saw her I thought she was kind of cool. Different with that intense voice. But after a couple times she just seems over the top. And last night she just sounded awful.
Kady Malloy: This is the Britney Spears impersonator who apparently leaves all her personality off stage. Too unsure of herself.
Let's see if I go 4 for 4.

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